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Another Storage Authority Franchise Finds Land and Moves to The Design Phase

By Ed Clement

Franchise owner Ryan recently moved from looking for land to designing his Central Florida facility. Ryan was gracious to share a bit about his finding land process.

Question: What was your land finding routine?

Ryan. “Ed, we did a full court press and used brokers, the internet including LoopNet,, Radius and a lot of driving the area.”

Question: Do you have any suggestions or secrets for people looking for land.

“ I was surprised how useful was not because of the brokers but it gave me an idea of what was available, and I used my own resources to follow up on properties that fit my criteria.”

Question: How many hours a week on average did you spend looking for land?

Ryan “ That’s hard to say because it was done over a period of one year, but I would say about one half a day per week.”

Marc often does a quick rough first sketch to get an idea how much self storage can fit on the site and for an initial review with the city and your engineer. Sketch by Marc Goodin.

Question: Was it harder or easier to find land than you initially thought - Why?

Ryan “ Much more difficult than I had imagined. We did a lot of windshield time looking and many of the sites didn’t work out for a variety of reasons.”

Question: Did the Storage Authority team meet your expectations?

Ryan: “ The Storage Authority Team is fantastic, but I wish there was more help finding the land. It would have been helpful finding land if Storage Authority had put out a local blast to local sources.”

Question: What suggestions do you have for the Storage Authority Team to help franchisees find land?

Ryan: “ It would be great if Storage Authority provided more help finding land."

Question: What is your background - any development expertise?

Ryan “ I have a background in residential development, and it was very helpful in my search.”

I want to thank Ryan for his time and wisdom.

We have recently implemented more ideas and ways to find land including more online and offline resources. I was glad to hear Ryan’s ideas of email blast to real estate agents. We did that occasionally, but I will make sure we do it on a regular basis.

Finding land is unique for each person and each location. But the bottom line is it does take effort and that effort does payoff.

If you want to learn more about The Storage Authority Franchise, please leave your contact info here:

If you’re a go getter and can’t wait you are welcome to contact Ed at or 727 946 0745.


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