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Six reasons why people choose self-storage over the Market! Tired of Stock market volatility?

By Ed Clement

Are you tired of the stock market volatility? And having little control over the market's crazy swings up and down. Maybe it is time for you to check out self-storage, which has next to no volatility compared to stocks, gold, and bitcoin and a much better track record during recessions.

People & business use self-storage in good times and bad times making it one of the top real estate businesses and recession resistant.

Here are the 6 things that an experienced investor typically looks for in an investment:

1) Use other people's money - Leverage

Self-storage is one of the most loan-friendly businesses. - 85% loan -to value ratio with an SBA Loan. For every dollar you invest you get profits on over $8 dollars invested.

2) Appreciation - Increase in value

3) Cash flow (into your pocket)

4) Tax advantages - Depreciation

Real estate depreciation is a key component of reducing taxes on your profits and more cash flow into your pockets.

5) A business that is needed during good times and bad - recession resistance

6) You are in control vs someone else. Reduced risk, volatility more profits for you.

Have you noticed how self-storage gets excellent grades and stocks get poor grades on the above 6 items?

Is it time for you to learn more? I would be happy to have a 15-minute call and review the highlights of how Storage Authority can help make your self-storage goal a reality. Ed 727-946-0745

Ed Clement is a franchise director at Storage Authority. One of his passions and responsibilities is helping franchisees find land by sharing how to find land both online and offline. Ed has a strong background in real estate, investment banking, and management consulting. He is available at or 727 946 0745 to answer your questions and share the Storage Authority Franchise opportunity.


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