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If ONE REASON wasn’t enough...Try 25 REASONS...Why Own Self Storage?


Drew Case

Storage Authority Franchise

1.      Self-Storage is the most profitable real estate business for the last 30 years.   Its proven year after year.  Most people that aren’t in self-storage say “I wish I would have done that five years ago!” The best time is always now.


2.      Build a lucrative six figure income and a huge retirement nest egg, while you keep your career. Limited owner involvement allows you to keep your career until you are ready to retire and enjoy your profits. Your facility will mature in value and should be making a six figure profit.


3.      Self-storage has scalability.  Self-storage facilities can accommodate growth or changes in demand effectively and efficiently. You can add on to your facility, improve technology and service to better complete in your market and later also utilize the equity in your facility to finance another.


4.       Self-storage is SBA approved.  You can borrow up to $5,000,000 with as little as 10% down and up to 10,000,000 with 15% down. You can build your fortune with other people's money. (Storage Authority is on the SBA registry whereas most management companies are not.)


5.      Tax Benefits: Real estate investments, including self-storage facilities, offer various tax advantages such as depreciation deductions.


6.      Build a legacy that includes annual revenue stream and large profit for you and your family for generations. Self- storage for your retirement and your children’s future.


7.      Professionals can continue their career and have a second business. The required attention to the facility is so minimal, a professional can keep their existing career intact. This allows the owner to plan their retirement and decide when to retire.


8.      Break even in two years. Build your occupancy quickly by hiring a great manager and building a strong connection to the community.  60% occupancy is approximately the point of stabilization for a storage facility.


9.      No experience needed to build or own a storage facility as a franchise. You can team up with a franchise to provide the knowledge needed to operate and maintain the facility.  Storage Authority is the only self-storage Franchise in the industry and ready to provide you the experience and expertise you need.


10.  Limited oversite of the location allows the owner to spend more time with the family, friends or hobbies.  The manager runs the facility and a high-tech kiosk can accept payments and complete rentals when the location is closed.  No need to operate the facility as an owner.


11.  You have the freedom of choice from the 60+ hour work week, down to a minimal 8 hours a week. Your manager will be operating the location for you, while will be checking in only periodically. Imagine working only 40 hours a month!


12.  No involvement with operation when a Management Team is used (less profit).  However, manager run facilities operate at a higher occupancy and profit margin. Management companies tend to lower rates to gain occupancy and create an immediate negative effect the bottom line.


13.  Recession Resistant.  Economy is doing well, people need storage when they move to their new job or home.  Economy doing poorly, people need storage when they move back home. Self- storage is needed at all times.


14.  Low Tenant Turnover.  Unlike residential properties, tenants typically stay longer in self-storage units, reducing turnover costs. Higher turnover creates more work.  Loyal customers stay a minimum 14 months and many stay for years.


15.  Low Maintenance: Compared to other real estate investments, self-storage facilities typically require less maintenance. No fixing broken toilets or plumbing issues like in the apartment rentals.


16.  Steady Income: Self-storage can provide a steady stream of income through rental fees.  Not only steady, but also an increasing revenue stream when you raise rates over-time.


17.  Tenant insurance resolves claim issues if they arise. If a disaster or emergency situation occurs in self- storage, the claims are handled by the insurance company.  Additionally, selling tenant insurance pays a commission of up to 90% of every dollar, so you can add to your bottom line by selling this insurance.


18.  Few staffing issues with low employee turnover, if any at all.  Manager and part timer is sufficient to operate a facility.  Minimal staffing results in fewer employee issues. 


19.  Self-storage primarily operates 6 days a week.  Closed on Sunday is another day you have less to worry about.  Automation can serve customers when your facility is closed.


20.  Diverse customer base as it attracts business as well as individuals. This may include offices needing storage, students or storage needed for emergencies.


21.  Evictions are a fairly simple process.  You are dealing with items, not actual people. Auctions can be handled much easier since going online.


22.  Retail component brings in extra income and profit. Not all your revenue is from self-storage.  Additional product offerings contribute to a higher profit margin.


23.  You can work together with your spouse.  A family owned facility is quite common on self-storage.  You and your spouse can achieve objectives together.


24.  High Demand: Smaller homes and apartments don’t allow the customer to store at home. Demand for self-storage continues to grow.  Americans tend to like to keep their stuff.


25.  Flexibility built into the business. You are in control. You can adjust rental rates and lease terms based on market demand. Demand increases, you can easily increase the rate.  Demand decreases, you can easily offer specials to draw customers in.

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Storage Authority Franchising is all about owning your own local self-storage business, supported by professional systems and expertise. Reach out to Drew Case at Direct: 513-582-0125 or to learn more about the Storage Authority Franchise opportunity.


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