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Why Is Self Storage such an amazing asset to own?

By Garrett Byrd

Storage Authority is the only self-storage franchise in the U.S.

Simply put self-storage has the advantage of combining a business and real estate in one. With Storage Authority franchise you add a third pillar to your success in franchising which makes it an absolute powerhouse.

Let's take a quick look at the three pillars that make self-storage one of the best assets to own.

Self Storage

Owning a self-storage facility is an attractive asset due to its steady income stream, recession resilience, low operating costs, and flexibility in use. With minimal day-to-day involvement and scalability, self-storage offers a diverse customer base and growing demand, making it a compelling investment opportunity. If you run your self-storage with an elite system you will have a first-class business "think Ritz vs Holiday Inn". You will have the ability to be the price leader with exceptional service and customer experience which can often double your profits.

Real Estate

Real estate stands out as a premier wealth generator, catapulting numerous individuals into the realm of multi-millionaires. Key factors contributing to this include property value appreciation, leverage opportunities, consistent rental income, tax advantages, portfolio diversification, resilience against inflation, entrepreneurial possibilities, and the potential for generational wealth transfer. Self-storage is very attractive to the lending community as it has the lowest failure rate compared to its peers in the commercial asset classes. Real estate has consistently proven to be one of the top avenues for financial prosperity.


Franchising is a highly successful business model due to proven success, brand recognition, comprehensive training and support, economies of scale, risk mitigation, marketing power, access to innovation, a peer network, faster growth, proven business processes, financing opportunities, and turnkey solutions. Combining the Storage Authority franchise model gives potential owners a road map for land guidance and new development to first-class operations, and high-end sales/marketing.

Storage Authority Franchising is all about owning your own local self-storage business, supported by professional systems and expertise. We like to say, "You're in business for yourself but not by yourself." If self-storage is on your mind, don't hesitate to reach out to me, Garrett Byrd at Direct: 941-928-1354 or to learn more about the Storage Authority Franchise opportunity.

We are looking for two more Storage Authority franchise owners in 2023. If you would like to start your discovery process for your journey to self-storage ownership take 15 mins to fill out the application below.

Your success story begins with Storage Authority!


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