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June 2020 – Self Storage Development, News & Profits

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Self Storage Development, News & Profits

New Storage Authority Marketing Partner Engage 21

After months of research, zoom meetings, and even trial & error we are excited to announce our new marketing partnership with Engage 121.  One thing we love about them is they are high tech, high touch.   In other words they just a phone call away and results-oriented so their services are developed to meet your needs.

For example:

They provide the copy and artwork and review options and results with you one on one.

They not only will make sure your Google My Business page is fully operational but can make weekly posts.

Don’t have the time to do your monthly newsletter – no problem Engage 121 will do it for you.

They will keep stock Storage Authority photos and your photos available for posting. engage 21 will even make monthly videos for more engaging marketing.

The list is long and we can’t wait to share the details with Franchisees very soon.

Self Storage Profit Centers – Locks & Boxes

This month’s staff training was on locks and boxes. Sounds like small potatoes. But big profits are made by being good at a lot of profit centers.  Just learning and implementing one a month for a year is an extra 6 figure income.

What is the best way to implement profit centers for maximum profits?  The best way is to have Scripts for each one.

Here is our New Script For Storage Genie App that helps us rent more units:

Our Storage Geni phone App provides easy hands-free access.  You don’t have to worry about hitting the entrance keypad and you don’t even have to take your phone out of your pocket.

And you get our incredible Storage Geni app for just $4.99/month. Pause  And if you rent today I will give it to you free for life.

The Economy & Self Storage Rates

Many things are heading back to pre COVID 19 levels. This can be seen with this chart on new Mortgages, an important indicator for self-storage.

Now is not the time to get into the COVID 19 syndrome I see some self-storage owners falling into:  “Because of COVID 19, I need to reduce rates or give a discount, waive late fees or defer payments.”

In the last recession (2009) the self storages that did just the opposite and expected to get paid did the best.

 Or email or call Garrett Byrd or Direct 941-928-1354

Development & Construction Tips and Reminders


How many people are you asking if they know anyone who has 5 acres of land on a main street?  Set yourself s goal.  We find half our land offline.

Are you spending 3 hours every Saturday or Sunday driving down the main roads you scouted on Radius looking for land?

We are developing a new web/social marketing presents that will allow landowners to find us if they have land in areas where new franchisees are looking for a property!


As noted above a lot of the economy is improving quickly but some areas are not. And I bet new commercial development is not one of them.  Which means better land prices.

The Office

The Office and Entrance is a key component of any self-storage because this is the potential renters’ first impression of a facility.  And first impressions are huge in self-storage.

What’s holding you back?  You can do it!  You deserve it!


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Why Storage Authority Franchise?

Because together we can make it happen!

I love that our main marketing is being a part of the community.  We were given the red heart award!   You Can do it!  Marc

I love to garden!  Here are 3 of 30 Hostas I planted at my fishing cottage.  To your Success! Marc

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