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October 2019 -The Best Way to Learn About Self Storage!

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

 News You Can Use October 2019

Issue # 30 – 30 Links to learn about self-storage 

Storage Authority® News

You won’t want to miss this one.  Free 3-day self-storage summit with over 25 self-storage experts ready to help make your self-storage business a success!  Our own Marc Goodin will be sharing easy to implement marketing and sale ideas that will make you more profits day after day.

Sign up here:

Keep your eyes on the lookout for our latest article to be printed by Inside Self Storage: Self Storage Franchising, the Facts, The Pros, and The Cons  by Marc Goodin  In the meantime type Marc Goodin in their search bar and read one of the great articles he has written

Don’t forget Storage Authority will be at The Great American Franchise Expo in Tampa, FL, October 26 & 27.  Come by and say hello at booth 216! 


As part of our Dynamic Ease Self Storage Development Series, we help our franchisees around the development landmines, including finding land, designing, obtaining approvals, financing and building a premier self-storage facility.

Learn more at Or email or call Garrett Byrd or Direct 941-928-1354

What is the best way to start learning more about Self Storage and Storage Authority?

Do a lot of reading! Here are the reading links you need! 

Our Website:

Storage Authority FAQ

Storage Authority Development Services

About the Storage Authority Team

Storage Authority Blog


Franchise Application – Apply Now

Sample Articles & Books by Storage Authority CEO Marc Goodin

Inside Self Storage Articles

ISS – Owners Guide to building a Self-storage Project: Your Responsibilities

ISS – A Checklist for Self Storage Development Success.

ISS – Creating a Napkin Sketch Self Storage Layout: Understanding Basic Facility Design

ISS – How to Perform a Mini Demand Study on a Potential Self Storage Site.

ISS – Building It Isn’t Enough! Understanding the Value of a Self Storage Feasibility Study

ISS – 25 Design and Construction Mistakes Self Storage Owners and Developers Should Avoid.

ISS – Self Storage Planning and Zoning: A Facility Owner’s Guide to Getting Project Approval.

ISS – 5 Unforeseen Disasters That Could Affect Your Self Storage Development Project

ISS – Customer-Centric Sales Techniques for Self Storage Managers.

ISS – The “Million Dollar” Self Storage Counter: Tips to Amp Up Service and Generate More Revenue

ISS – Slide Show: Elevating Your Self Storage Service From Average to Astonishing

LinkedIn Articles 

LI – 3 Tips On Financing Your First Self Storage Project

LI – How to Make a Million Dollars a Year in Self Storage

LI – Are You Planting Enough Acorns

LI – Self-storage Franchising Works!

LI – Steps to Owning a Storage Authority Franchise

Storage Authority Blog Articles

SA Newsletter – How to Determine If You’re Ready to Develop Your First Self Storage.

Interview with a Franchise Owner

3 Million in Your Pocket for Being a Self Storage Expert

Sample Self Storage Development budget and Proforma

Chapter 11 Self Storage Construction

Three Big Myths About Rental Rates

Radius Plus Articles

RP – How to Develop Your 60,000 SF Facility with $500K Cash Equity

Self Storage Books by Marc Goodin

Your Self Storage: Planning – Site Selection – Design – Build   by Marc Goodin

CRUSH your COMPETITION 101 Self Storage Marketing Tips For the Fastest Way To Huge Profits by Marc Goodin

Do You Have a Self Storage Question?

We would be happy to answer them. For development questions email For operations and marketing questions email

Storage Authority Vendor Updates

We are so excited about our new partnership with FranConnect. It is an incredible platform that makes it much easier for us to better communicate with and serve our franchise owners.  It will provide easy access to the multiple Storage Authority manuals, newsletters, videos, online training and much more.  

Things we love to do besides self-storage.

We just finished season two of building our cabin on the river.  It had been hard work for GP but I can say without a doubt it has been it has been an extremely fun adventure and now we have a unique cabin in the woods we will enjoy forever.

When I say we I mean my wife GP and her brother. I got the privilege of doing the patio/fire pit and the landscaping. They worked 3 months last year and just finished up 2 months this year.  A couple of things left for next year but ready to use now! Good things come to those who plan and work hard.

What would you love to do if you had the time and money?

What would you do with more time & money?

What’s holding you back?  You can do it!  You deserve it!

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Napoleon Hill


          ARE YOU READY?

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Storage Authority Blogs You Will Enjoy!

Complete Storage Authority News Room

More big box retailers closing – Think Self Storage Conversions!

The Storage Authority Marketing & Sales Advantage for Higher Profits!

Recent Storage Authority News Letters

September 2019 – Should I use an SBA loan for my new Self Storage construction project?

August 2019 – Self Storage – Where is the best place to build?

July 2019-How to get started in Self Storage – The Real Deal!

Storage Authority Video of the Month

 Grocery Store to Self Storage Conversion

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Garrett Byrd Storage Authority Vice President of Franchise Development

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