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October Newsletter 2018–Fake Doors Not Fake News

Storage Authority® News

Here is a picture along the main road looking at the corner office and the extended wall along the road. With the raised corner office details, including a kiosk, trim and Storage Authority building signage, it is going to look great.  Can you spot what is missing?  Your right, there is no better signage than self-storage doors.  Of course, you need more than just a row of doors. Landscaping and treatment at the office and building corner will make a world of difference.

Here is a shot after the fake doors have been added. Can’t wait to see once the landscaping goes in.

New potential franchise often ask us why business professionals like themselves are coming on board with Storage Authority and there are two simple reasons:

1) In the short run while they still have their jobs they want to have real financial security.  Even stop reading the menu from right to left.  Self Storage plus Storage Authority is the best way to make that happen for many people.

2) In the long run, they want real financial security without a job during retirement. Even skip asking what the price of the seasonal surf & turf is and take on one or two or many hobbies no matter how expensive they may be. Self Storage and Storage Authority is the best way to make that happen for many people.

In case you missed the OpenTech Alliance Press Release:CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORY

Storage Authority Chooses OpenTech’s Smart Connected Self-Storage Technology

For Immediate Release

October 1st, 2018 – Phoenix, AZ. OpenTech Alliance, Inc. announced Storage Authority, a rapidly growing self-storage franchise company, will be implementing OpenTech’s smart-connected technology at all their newly developed locations. Marc Goodin, Civil Engineer and Co-Founder of Storage Authority, designed and permitted his first self-storage facility over 25 years ago. Marc commented, “By utilizing the OpenTech family of products our customers have more conveniences at their fingertips which means we win out over our competition.”

Having been involved in this industry, Marc can clearly see we have entered a pivotal turning point in the self-storage industry. “We’re now selling what’s outside the four walls of a storage unit, not what’s inside. Furthermore, we are in the people business, somewhere between the banking and hotel industries,” added Marc.

To address this shift, Marc’s strategy for his franchisees is to leverage technological advances to increase operational efficiencies and focus on the customer experience. Some of the ways he is leveraging technology is by having an INSOMNIACTM kiosk onsite at every property, outsourcing inbound leads through INSOMNIACTM Live! Call Center services, offering customers hands-free access through INSOMNIACTM CIA and the Storage Genie tenant mobile app and utilizing OpenTech’s IoE integrations such as HVAC and Alexa.

Robert Chiti, President and CEO of OpenTech Alliance, emphasized the point, “Every technology we develop is designed entirely to help self-storage operators work smarter and more efficiently. In today’s business environment you’ve got to use all the tools available to create a competitive advantage, and at OpenTech we’ve got one heck of a tool chest.”

As part of our Dynamic Ease Self Storage Development Series, we help our franchisees around the development landmines, including finding land, designing, financing and building a premier self-storage facility and to understand the options and prepare accordingly. _______________________________________________________________ If you want to learn more about Storage Authority Franchise there is a wealth of information on our website  Don’t forget to check out “Why Storage Authority” and our blog/newsroom. Then the next step is to apply on our website or email or call Garrett Byrd ( or Direct 941-928-1354)

Vendor Highlight

One of the main key team members in developing a self-storage project is the Architect. A good Architect is going to make sure your facility can be constructed efficiently and both looks great and feels great.  We are excited to have Ed Hegra on board as our approved East Coast Designer. I recommend you connect with him on LinkedIn In to see some of the great projects he is working on.

Not only do we help our Franchise owners with the big stuff, we also help them with hundreds of little things as well.  We have several Manuals and Vendors that understand Storage Authority Sales & marketing philosophies and self-storage.  They include customized Graphic Art Manual, Site Sign & Building Sign Manual, Marketing Material and more  We are happy to announce our newest Manual: Gate and Office signs by Signquick.   What normally would take hours is now a matter of minutes so our Franchisee can concentrate on the business of marketing their facilities for higher profits.

Here are a couple more professional personalized signs by Signquick. Give Jenny a call for self-storage needs! Jenny ErwinSales & Marketing Specialist P:  281-474-1313 E: W: SIGNQUICK.COM

Our launch of individual franchise owners websites by G5 is minutes away. It is hard to share how you are different on a website but we’ve done it!

 If your website is not getting you, customers, every day as well as online renters you need to call G5’S Christina Powell  541.306.3383  If you can not rent online time for a new website.


Industry News & Tips You Can Use Today Eleven signs that help you market your facility.

1. People love the free Vacuum Card!

2.  The good old fashion refer a friend with a twist – you each get $30.

3. Free box card works wonders!

4. This is a new gate sign we are having made in the Storage Authority Colors as we write. I like $30 off much better!

5. Saw this one online.  What do you think? Email me at

6. The super-sized candy sign that makes everyone feel good!

7.  Scarcity Sign – 1 left

8. Gone Fishing Sign – my personal favorite.

9. Boxes & Pumpkin Sign

10. Trifecta, sandwich board, open flag & banner flag!

11. We need more signs of love!

12. Hand out signs work great all year long.  Just remember they are not for the office.

Storage Authority experts are ready to help you every single step of the way, from finding land to operations, to driving your revenue year on year.  If you have a question give us a call. Team up with the experts to save time and maximize your profits. Call Garrett at 941-928-1345 for more information.


“If you can push through that feeling of being scared, that feeling of taking a risk, really amazing things can happen.” Marissa Mayer, president & CEO of Yahoo!

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