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April 2020-Storage Authority is Awarding New Franchisee Every Month!

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

News You Can Use April 2020

Storage Authority Land O’ Lakes is Under Construction

The office area

Storage Authority is Open for Business!

All our facilities are open during the COVID 19 closures because self-storage is considered an essential business. And we are happy to report they had great rentals in March and looking forward to a great April!

The average self-storage occupancy lost 8 – 10% in the last 2009 recession and that is pretty good – but who wants to be average, certainly not Storage Authority.  I know I was happy to own self-storage in the last recession because my engineering income went down to next to nothing.

Now is a great time to get started in the self-storage business!  In fact, it may even be better than in recent past years.  When others decide to site on the sidelines to see what happens with COVID 19, we have the opportunity to take advantage of lower land prices and the slow down in development also helps us negotiate better deals and get better service throughout the development and start-up process.


As part of our Dynamic Ease Self Storage Development Series, we help our franchisees around the development landmines, including finding land, designing, obtaining approvals, financing, and building a premier self-storage facility.

Learn more at Or email or call Garrett Byrd or Direct 941-928-1354

In case you missed it

It looks like businesses with SBA 7a loans, including self-storage loans will be paid for 6 months by Uncle Sam starting in April.  For some of our franchisees that is $160,000 in free money.  If you have an SBA loan call your bank TODAY!

We said it before and will say it again: No Contact Rentals & Payments online and on the phone are a must!  

Our website provider G5 Marketing Services makes this easy with their terrific self-storage website platform.  And even better is their SEO and PPC expertise!

No Contact Renting on-site with a Kiosk is a lifesaver in these Covid 19 times!

Our kiosk vendor Open Tech Alliance just made owning a kiosk easy with their zero-interest payment plan. If you do not have one now is the time to order. See 0% interest offer here

Kiosks are everywhere.  This McDonalds only had one person at the counter taking orders and 4 kiosks taking orders!

And forget COVID 19, a kiosk is a lifesaver when your manager is sick last minute or heaven forbid quits with no notice. And of course for after-hour rentals and payments.

What’s holding you back?  You can do it!  You deserve it!


          ARE YOU READY?

Click Here if you want us to email you information on self storage development basics and the steps to becoming a Storage Authority Franchise.

Why Storage Authority?

We are not like the other guys.  First, we have you on our team and the other guys do not even have a team

If you want to make maximum profits you have to charge premium rates and you can not do that if you are in the real estate business or self-storage business with clerks taking orders.  You must be Awesome – providing the Ritz customer service – not Motel 6 quality and service like most self storages do.  And if the fox is watching the henhouse it is impossible to be a premier facility.

My Motivation

Time to do so many things! I love homemade bread with honey!

The rewards are endless when you have the time and money but the best rewards are the many simple pleasures of life.

Please share!      We Love Referrals.

Storage Authority 677 N Washington Blvd.

Sarasota FL 34236


Garrett Byrd Storage Authority Vice President of Franchise Development


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