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Is the stock market really the biggest casino in the world?

By Ed Clement

Investments in stocks, bonds, gold and Crypto come with constant dips and rises, while self-storage investments remain constant.

Typically, economic conditions have a direct effect on most investments, and some industries are more vulnerable to these changes. Conversely, self-storage investments thrive in just about any economic environment.

People will continue to purchase items that require storage during good times. Once the money is tight, people will downsize their residences and demand storage for their surplus belongings.

On the commercial front, increased business activity means there is an increased demand for storage to move their goods. Companies, which are downsizing, still look for storage spaces for their inventories.

The Storage Authority team is excited to guide you on your journey to becoming self-storage owners.

Contact me today for additional information and see if self-storage is Your Vehicle to Wealth.

Ed Clement is a franchise director at Storage Authority. One of his passions and responsibilities is helping franchisees find land by sharing how to find land both online and offline. Ed has a strong background in real estate, investment banking and management consulting. He is available at or 727 946 0745 to answer your questions and share the Storage Authority Franchise opportunity and advantages with you.


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