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July 2020 – Storage Authority Facility Virtual Tour Video

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Self Storage Development, News & Profits July 2020

Storage Authority is Looking for Its Next Team Member!

Some prospects and franchisees ask how we will handle the growth.  First growth is a great sign and beneficial for all our franchisees.  It provides for the economy of scale which is very beneficial for each franchisee.  And we truly believe in hiring the best people.  People with more experience, different experiences, just like the saying – hire people smarter than you.

Here is part of our ad.

Storage Authority is the nation’s only self-storage franchise.  Our home office is located in Sarasota FL.   Our Team is dedicated to our growing network of franchise owners, providing them with innovative marketing, industry-leading technology tools, professional business development support, and hands-on training. Our company culture thrives on innovation, teamwork, enthusiasm, and diversity and we are looking for a team player ready to help us shake up the self-storage industry.

We are defined by the great people who enjoy doing it all – including sales, technology, business development, marketing, training, accounting, finance, compliance, and more. You may be the right fit if you have a passion for self-storage and consistently generate results – as we do! We take pride in our accomplishments and are constantly aiming for new heights. If you want to be a part of the hard-working team supporting self-storage professionals around the nation, join Storage Authority.

You will be an essential part of our Franchise Development team, which is responsible for the growth of the franchise business throughout the U.S. If you are an experienced franchise sales representative looking for a great career, are highly motivated, and have a passion to help others in starting their own business, come join our winning team! Franchise experience preferred.

Last month’s staff profit center training was locks and boxes.

Did you know boxes are marked up 100% and locks 150%?  If you sell 30 locks a month that is $2,500+ extra in your pocket at the end of the year.    But the big payoff is your chances of your tenants being robbed drops substantially if all units are locked with a disk lock.  So the moral of the story is only to sell Disk locks and require every unit to be locked at the time of rental for everyone’s peace of mind.

This month’s staff training was on late fees and administration fees.

These fees add up to over $10,000 a year in profits.  And the reason they are not collected is because; 1) they are not explained well to the staff; 2) staff is not trained well with specific scripts and 3) they are not mandatory.  Often the owners do not have the time or experience to train the staff.

That’s one of the many values Storage Authority provides.  Owners simply have to embrace the Storage Authority systems, training, and platforms that make it easy.

We even have the signs designed for you and a sign vendor ready to ship to you today!

 Or email or call Garrett Byrd or Direct 941-928-1354

Storage Authority Monmouth Rd Facility Virtual Tour

Storage Authority Monmouth Rd created a first-class presentation of a virtual tour of their facility.  This is posted on their website for customers to go and take a site tour from the convenience of their home. This is a great tool for management to send to customers while on the phone to give a virtual tour.  This will give the customer great confidence in renting over the phone or online which will increase phone/online rental conversions.  The virtual tour can also be used as a follow-up tool as well after phone inquiries and reservations.  Great job to the Monmouth Rd Team, very forward-thinking and customer-centric! Video tour on the website is at the bottom of the home page. Storage Authority Monmouth Rd.

Development Tips and Reminders


Half our franchisees find land offline.  And we are looking to make it even easier.  We are setting up and an ongoing social media campaign in the cities our Franchisees are looking to buy land.  The goal is to have landowners contact us if they have land that meets our criteria and is willing to sell.

Profit and loss, especially during the rent up are critical to the profits.  When I build my first facility 5% of the sf rent up per month was standard.  But that was back in the day of build it and they will come which is long gone.  Now build it in the right location, know how you are going to be different than the competition and have a detailed marketing plan. Now experts are saying the rent up is closer to 2 to maybe 2.5% rent up a month.

The point is long before you look for the land you better have a written list of 100 to 200 concrete ways you are going to be better than the competition in your black book of profits.  And having better customer service is not nearly specific enough to count as a concrete idea.  Here are 5 ideas:

1- Have a kiosk by Open Tech Alliance. 2- Have a large sign with a light above the Kiosk: Rent Here / Pay here. 3 – Have your phone answered from 7 am to 11 pm 4 – Build a 10 x 20 unit in your office. 5 – Spend $100,000 on landscaping to impress your renters.

As you can see many great ideas to make you better must be determined before design because once a facility is built it is too late.

The Street View

First impressions and the entrance is a key component of any self-storage because this is the potential renters’ first impression of a facility.  And first impressions are huge in self-storage.

What’s holding you back?  You can do it!  You deserve it!


          ARE YOU READY?

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Why Storage Authority Franchise Pros & Cons Article Link:

Because together we can make it happen!

My mom always said everyone is an artist.  I am not sure if I qualify. I like to try different mediums so you can find a clay bowl I made in my office holding my pens and the concrete fish work outside at our front door and a lot of other strange artwork when you visit us. You Can do it!  Marc

I love to cookout with friends!  Here I am in our 5th wheeler parked on the ocean for the summer.  To your Success! Marc

Storage Authority 677 N Washington Blvd. Sarasota FL 34236

Garrett Byrd Storage Authority Vice President of Franchise Development


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