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Self Storage: Finding Land: 4 Best wAYs!

By Marc Goodin

If you are waiting for leads from your real estate agent, I am truly sorry no one has told you that you could be waiting for years.

There are four great ways to find land. It is important that you consistently spend 25% of your time on each one. And just as important is you consistently spend time every day and every week if you want to find land in under a year.

With a great team on your side day one you will not only find more land options but have the help to swiftly determine: pass. more research or make an offer. And just as important the mini feasibility is done for free in a day or two, not a month or two.

Here are the four tasks with the "go gettter" activity to find land faster

Task/weekly goal #1 Share your Land needs with your friends, family, the public, everyone! 3-5 times a day = 21 to 35 times per week

#2 Actually drive roads to look for land 2+ hours a week physically driving the roads

#3 Personally call on Land for sale on the internet 3 -5 times a day = 21 to 35 per week

#4 Contact off line land owners: call, email or letter. 3 – 5 times a week

Easy but not simple. And thats why entrapanours are choosing Storage Authority. The first thing we do when you get on board is to have a finding land zoom conference call each week for 5 weeks (faster if you are a go getter) to share how you can efficiently accomplish each one of these items.

If your a go getter and want a quick list of 31 activities to help you better accomplish these 4 activities send me an email with 31 in the subject line.

If you want to learn more about Self Storage, Storage Authority and have read our FAQ's give me a call at 860-830-6764.


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