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Self Storage Support and training

The leadership team here at Storage Authority 100% believes that in order to have the best Managers in the business we need to invest in them through training during all steps in their developmental process. We commit to providing our Storage Authority Managers with the tools and skills to be true leaders in the industry. We firmly believe that with our detailed, ongoing training that we have the absolute resources and drive to provide our customers with premium facilities and will provide our owners with premium facility rates and maximum profits.

Our leadership team has decades of experience and we believe in thinking outside the box to ensure we are constantly going above and beyond not only for our Managers and Owners, but most importantly for our customers. Marc Goodin, our CEO and President, provides the leadership to all levels of the company and personally has decades of experience in the industry. Marc is our leader in providing the Ritz level of service at every step of the Self-Storage journey for our Managers and Owners.

We provide virtual monthly training classes for our Management team on different topics such software updates and implementation, gorilla marketing ideas, time management, landscaping and other visual opportunities, and much more to make us stand out from the field. We also send out monthly newsletters to our Managers and Owners to keep them in the loop as we go thru this journey together, and weekly quick tips to keep improvement on the forefront with quick actionable items. Storage Authority is consistently updating our online Dynamic Ease Manuals to stay on the forefront of the incredible self storage industry.

Here is a current recap of our Dynamic Ease Manuals and other critical forms of training:

This month we are conducting a training class to maximize a critical feature in SiteLink called Lead to Lease. This tool provides a great way to collect and enter information from prospective tenants from the first interaction via a phone call, email, or in person all the way through the rental conversion. Lead to Lease provides a tab to collect valuable marketing information which can later be used to better target our community marketing efforts to areas where we know our customers are coming from. This valuable information can also be used to identify areas for increased or refocused attention with the goal of increasing leads and profits as well as saving time and energy.

Here is an example of the marketing information we will be collecting through Lead to Lease:

Storage Authority believes strongly in cross communication and training between the full time Manager, part time Relief Managers, and the Owner. By maximizing the Lead to Lease resource, we make our communication both internally as well as with our prospective tenants more professional at every step in the process. Lead to Lease tells us what unit was discussed, the quoted price, and the necessary prospective tenants contact information for effective followup. The prospective tenant will know right away that they are important to us as when we have any follow up communication everybody knows what was discussed.

Here is an example from our Lead to Lease training of some of the Action Items to ensure everybody has been trained fully:

My name is Barry Gorenstein and I am the Director of Experience with Storage Authority. I have recently joined the team here at Storage Authority and the drive to be the best has been clear from day one. We support our Managers and our Owners in any way we can and we all learn from each other every day. The Self Storage business and in particular the Self Storage Franchise business is exciting as the industry has never been stronger. If you are interested in talking with any our strong leadership team members just left me know.

Remember, we provide a resource to make your husband clear out the garage, a place to store all of your holiday blow ups, or a place to clear out the clutter in your home as you prepare to put it up for sale. We are here to help!!

Please feel to reach out to me at or 941-312-1964


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