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six steps to find Zoning permitted for self-storage

By Garrett Byrd

At Storage Authority Franchise, we believe that knowledge is the key to success in the self-storage industry. Whether you're an aspiring self-storage franchise owner or a seasoned entrepreneur looking to expand your portfolio, understanding zoning regulations is crucial. We've combined the power of education and our expertise in the industry to bring you comprehensive guidance on self-storage zoning.

Zoning Basics: Zoning is the cornerstone of land use regulations, dictating where businesses can operate and what requirements they must meet. It's a complex world, but fear not—we're here to simplify the process and equip you with the knowledge you need to navigate zoning regulations successfully.

Step 1: Research Local Zoning Ordinances: To embark on your self-storage journey, begin by researching the zoning ordinances in the city or municipality of your choice. These ordinances outline the rules and regulations specific to each zoning district. Keep an eye out for commercial or industrial zoning categories, as self-storage facilities often fall under these designations.

Step 2: Understand Permitted Land Uses: Get familiar with the permitted land uses within your desired zoning district. Some areas explicitly allow self-storage facilities, while others may require special permits or conditional use approvals. Pay attention to details such as lot size requirements, building height limitations, and setbacks from neighboring properties.

Step 3: Explore Zoning Maps: Visualize the zoning landscape by exploring zoning maps provided by local governments. These maps help you identify areas where self-storage facilities are permitted. Keep an eye out for zoning overlays or district boundaries that might impact your plans.

Step 4: Contact the Planning/Zoning Department: When in doubt, reach out! Contact the local planning or zoning department to gain clarity on any questions or concerns you have. They're the experts responsible for administering and enforcing zoning regulations. Direct communication with them can provide invaluable insights and guidance specific to your area.

Step 5: Consider Special Conditions or Variances: Certain zoning districts may come with special conditions or require variances for self-storage development. These conditions could include architectural design standards, landscaping requirements, or additional parking provisions. Variances, on the other hand, allow for deviations from specific zoning regulations but typically involve a formal application and review process.

Step 6: Engage Professionals: At Storage Authority Franchise, we understand that expertise is essential. Consider engaging your local professionals such as land use attorneys, commercial real estate agents, or land use consultants. They possess the knowledge and experience to navigate zoning processes effectively and ensure compliance with all requirements.

Remember, zoning regulations vary by jurisdiction. To avoid legal and operational challenges, it's crucial to thoroughly research and understand the specific zoning requirements in your desired location.

At Storage Authority Franchise, we have a strong conviction that success starts with education followed by implementation. By combining our expertise and systems with comprehensive zoning knowledge, we equip you with the tools to unlock your self-storage potential. Trust in our guidance, and seek and collaborate with local authorities to navigate the zoning process with confidence.

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