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How to find Off Market Self Storage Land

By Garrett Byrd

Our franchise owners are privy to our proprietary Storage Authority Development Dynamic Ease Manual. It is nearly 250 pages long and it is composed by Marc Goodin who is a civil engineer by trade who has been, designing, building, and consulting in the self-storage industry for almost 30 years. Marc also owns 3 facilities as well so he has learned the industry through the trenches and passed all his valuable experience and expertise into our development dynamic ease manual.

A sneak peek at a few of the sections within the development manual is searching for land along with reviewing and qualifying land.

It typically takes 4 – 8 hours of your time to obtain the information to prepare the Storage Authority Land Info form before you submit it to Storage Authority for guidance. It takes the Storage Authority Development team the same amount of time to determine, yes, no, or maybe (further investigation needed)

Here are a few examples to find off-market self-storage land:

  1. Networking: Reach out to anyone you can in the community along with real estate professionals in the area and let them know you are interested in to see if they know of any off-market deals.

  2. Direct mail: Send letters or postcards to property owners in the area you are interested in, letting them know that you are looking to buy land for self-storage.

  3. Online search: Use online tools such as Zillow, Redfin, and LoopNet to search for properties that are not currently listed for sale but may be a good fit for self-storage.

  4. Contact local government: Reach out to local governments and ask if they have any land available for purchase that would be suitable for self-storage.

  5. Hire a commercial real estate broker who specializes in self-storage to help you find off-market deals.

Keep in mind that finding off-market self-storage land can be challenging, and it may take some time to find a suitable property. It's also important to do your due diligence on any property you're considering to ensure it's a good fit for your self-storage facility.

You need to follow the right system and have the right team in your corner to guide you every step of the way. It takes time and a lot of hard work but having a persistent and consistent attitude and doing it the efficient way can cut your learning curve down exponentially.

Storage Authority Franchising is about owning your own hometown self-storage business and having the professional systems and knowledge to assist and guide you. We like to say You are in business for yourself but not by yourself. If you are thinking about self-storage you owe it to yourself to contact Garrett Byrd at Direct: 941-928-1354 or to learn more about the Storage Authority Franchise opportunity #selfstorageincomes #storageauthority #becomingwealthy #sellfstorageconstruction #selfstorageprofits #selfstoragelending #Franchising #Realestate #Retirement #Development#SelfStorageFranchise #SelfStorage


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