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Storage Authority excited to Add Stortrack as another onboarding tool

By Garrett Byrd

At Storage Authority, we believe in equipping our franchise owners with the most comprehensive tools and resources to ensure their success in the self storage industry. That's why we are excited to announce the addition of StorTrack's tools and the integration of their cutting-edge market analysis platform into our onboarding process.

Storage Authority is a trusted name in the self storage franchise industry, providing entrepreneurs with a proven business model, operational support, and a network of industry experts. With our franchise opportunity, individuals can tap into the lucrative self storage market and build a thriving business. And now, with the addition of StorTrack's powerful Explorer platform, our franchise owners have access to an unparalleled level of market intelligence and insights.

What is StorTrack's Explorer platform, and how does it benefit our franchise owners?

StorTrack's Explorer platform is a flexible mapping tool that empowers our owners to analyze and explore any given market. Our franchise owners can leverage this robust platform to make informed decisions and unlock their full potential. These tools are just the starting point of how we analyze the supply and any given market, it's the hands-on review of the 2-5 mile radius which is the real key for our owners.

Here are some of the benefits the StorTrack Explorer platform provides to our onboarding process for our franchise owners:

  1. Comprehensive Market Analysis: With access to over 63,700+ existing self storage properties, our franchise owners can dive deep into market data, including supply metrics, competitive analysis, rate and inventory history, trends, development projects, and key demand indicators. This comprehensive analysis allows them to identify untapped opportunities and make strategic decisions based on real-time insights.

  2. Data-driven Decision Making: The integration of StorTrack's Explorer platform enables our franchise owners to analyze current and historical rate trends, unit availability, demographic data, planned developments, and more. Armed with this accurate and up-to-date information, they can make data-driven decisions regarding pricing, marketing strategies, and facility expansions to maximize profitability.

  3. Targeted Market Identification: StorTrack's Explorer platform offers a powerful mapping tool that allows our franchise owners to visualize market dynamics and identify target markets with ease. They can assess population demographics, average rates per square foot, stores opened within the last year, and other key metrics. This targeted approach helps them pinpoint lucrative areas for growth and expansion.

  4. Efficient Due Diligence: StorTrack's Explorer platform streamlines the due diligence process, saving our franchise owners valuable time and effort. With the ability to access information on existing self storage facilities and facilities currently in development, they can conduct thorough market research in primary, secondary, and tertiary markets, all within a single platform.

By incorporating StorTrack's Explorer platform into our onboarding process, Storage Authority is taking a proactive approach to ensure our franchise owners have a competitive edge in the self storage market. We are committed to providing the necessary tools and support to help our franchise owners thrive and achieve their business goals.

If you would like to learn more and start your journey to self-storage ownership click the link here:

Storage Authority Franchising is about owning your own hometown self-storage business and having the professional systems and knowledge to assist and guide you. We like to say You are in business for yourself but not by yourself. If you are thinking about self-storage you owe it to yourself to contact Garrett Byrd at Direct: 941-928-1354 or to learn more about the Storage Authority Franchise opportunity.


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