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Key Questions to Ask Your City Planner Before you Start looking for Self-Storage land

By Garrett Byrd

Storage Authority is the only self-storage franchise in the U.S.

I just had a potential owner tell me how frustrated he was because he thought he found the perfect site to develop self-storage, all to find out it was in the wrong zone.

He needed guidance (Our team has over 75 years combined experience in the self-storage industry) and he needed a road map to follow(Storage Authority Development Dynamic Ease Guidebook), all things we provide our franchise owners.

Before you embark on this journey, it's crucial to ensure that your chosen location aligns with your business goals and adheres to local regulations. Otherwise, you are just blindly looking for land which will end up becoming an aggravating experience.

Here are four key questions to ask your City Planner or Zoning Agent to set the stage for a successful self-storage venture:

1) Which Zones Permit Self-Storage? Understanding the zoning regulations is paramount. Begin by inquiring about the zones that permit self-storage facilities within your target area. Your City Planner can provide valuable insights into the specific zones where it will make sense to search.

2) Are There Any Self-Storage Regulations? How Can You Get a Copy? Online? Navigate the regulatory landscape by asking about any specific regulations governing self-storage facilities in your chosen location. Obtain a copy of these regulations to gain a comprehensive understanding of the requirements and restrictions. Many municipalities make these documents accessible online, streamlining the research process.

3) Is the Zoning Map Online? Where? Can You Purchase a Larger Zoning Map at the City Hall? They Are Often Hard to Read Online. Locate the zoning map online to get a preliminary understanding of the designated zones. However, zoning maps can be intricate, and online versions may not capture all the details. Enquire about the availability of larger, more detailed zoning maps at the city hall, where you can purchase or review a physical copy. This ensures a more accurate understanding of the zoning layout, facilitating informed decisions.

Here is a city zoning map where each zone is a different color.

4) Does the Town Have Any Wetland or Topography Maps or Boundary Maps? Where? To enhance your due diligence, investigate whether the town has wetland or topography maps, as well as boundary maps. Understanding these geographical aspects can influence the layout and construction of your self-storage facility. Determine where these maps are available and how you can access them for a comprehensive evaluation of the terrain.

By proactively seeking answers to these four critical questions, you lay the groundwork for your success as a Storage Authority franchise. Clear zoning regulations and a thorough understanding of the local landscape empower you to make informed decisions, ensuring your self-storage venture aligns seamlessly with the community and regulatory requirements. Take the initiative to engage with your City Planner or Zoning Agent.

Thinking about joining the Storage Authority family and embarking on your journey towards financial freedom and success.

Storage Authority Franchising is all about owning your own local self-storage business, supported by professional systems and expertise. We like to say, "You're in business for yourself but not by yourself." If self-storage is on your mind, don't hesitate to reach out to me, Garrett Byrd at Direct: 941-928-1354 or to learn more about the Storage Authority Franchise opportunity.

 If you would like to learn more and start your journey to self-storage ownership click the link here:


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