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Navigating the Self-Storage Development and Construction Process with Storage Authority

By Garrett Byrd

Are you considering venturing into the self-storage industry but feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of development and construction? Storage Authority, a leading player in the self-storage franchise business, has your back. With our proprietary system known as the "Dynamic Ease Development Series," we offer comprehensive guidance from the initial land search through pre-opening preparations. In this article, we'll explore how Storage Authority assists our franchisees through every step of the development and construction process.

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Storage Authority's "Dynamic Ease Development Series" begins with an introduction, setting the stage for your self-storage journey. Here, you'll learn about the importance of building a high-performance team and be provided with a detailed roadmap for the first 30 days of your project. This chapter also includes development flow charts, worksheets, checklists, competition reviews, and a developer secret shop review.

Chapter 2 – Land

Finding the right location is critical in the self-storage business. In this chapter, Storage Authority guides you through the basics of selecting a suitable location, typical land requirements, and how to hire a quality broker. It also covers additional methods to find land, initial land review, making offers, and conducting feasibility studies. Worksheets and sample letters are provided to simplify the process.

Chapter 3 – Purchasing an Existing Self-Storage Facility

For those considering purchasing an existing facility, Storage Authority breaks down the seven primary steps of a real estate transaction. This chapter helps you investigate existing facilities thoroughly, ensuring that you make well-informed decisions.

Chapter 4 – Banking / Lending

Storage Authority understands that financing is a crucial aspect of any self-storage project. This chapter delves into loan options, considerations, and often overlooked expenses, and provides worksheets and templates to help you navigate the complexities of securing funding.

Chapter 5 – Design & Regulatory Approvals

Designing and gaining regulatory approvals for your self-storage facility are pivotal steps. Storage Authority offers guidance on finding design consultants, site plan design, regulatory meetings, building design, and security design. Worksheets and checklists are included to ensure nothing is overlooked during this phase.

Chapter 6 – Bidding & Construction

The construction phase is where your vision starts to take shape. Storage Authority assists you in finding the right contractor, creating construction specifications, and managing the bidding process. It also provides examples of payment schedules and offers guidance for overseeing the construction of your facility.

Chapter 7 – Pre-Opening Preparations

As you approach the pre-opening stage, Storage Authority offers a detailed plan for the final preparations. This chapter covers the critical tasks to complete 120 days, 30-90 days, and the days immediately before opening. Marketing strategies and component depreciation studies are discussed to ensure a successful launch. Worksheets and checklists are provided to help streamline the process.


In addition to the comprehensive guidance, Storage Authority offers a set of worksheets and checklists for each chapter to facilitate easy implementation of the information provided. These tools help franchisees stay organized and on track throughout the development and construction process.

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Storage Authority's commitment to assisting franchisees doesn't stop with the "Dynamic Ease Development Series." Your Franchise Development Director will be available to provide guidance and support throughout the entire journey. While no two self-storage projects are exactly alike, the collaboration between you, Storage Authority representatives, and your development team ensures that you have the guidance and answers you need when you need them.

The self-storage development and construction process can be a complex and challenging endeavor. However, with Storage Authority's comprehensive support system and the "Dynamic Ease Development Series," you'll have the tools and guidance necessary to make informed decisions and successfully bring your self-storage business to life. So, let's get started on your self-storage journey, and have a pile of reservations ready to call and a line of customers eager to rent on the day you open your doors.

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About Storage Authority Franchise: Storage Authority Franchise is a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for self-storage development and operations. With a focus on excellence and profitability, we empower franchise owners to achieve elite status in the industry as an alternative to 3rd party management. Our proven systems, expert guidance, and unrivaled support help self-storage facilities thrive and surpass all expectations.


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